Fourtune: Evolving Storage Market with Innovative Solutions

CIO Vendor Increased data storage growth has triggered new developments in data handling and management policies. In the past, being able to remotely access, sync and manipulate data was only a concept. Then came cloud technology and it revolutionized the whole business landscape. Fourtune Computer Technologies Private Limited, headquartered in Bangalore, provides solutions in all areas of storage, both on premises and cloud. Focusing on data consolidation, data protection, Archival and DR, Their portfolio also includes Cloud services like Data Migration to cloud, Data protection, Archival, along with standard expectations like cloud hosting, optimization and Virtualization.

The company offers a wide range of products from major storage vendors, and architects storage solutions. Fourtune has in-house skills across multiple vendors offering, hence the approach is end to end solution delivery. The company supplies turn-key solution after consulting with the end user and understanding the client’s specific business requirements. This helps them target features and functionality of S/W and H/W required to meet these goals and deploying the same to the design plan is their goal.

Established in 1991, Fourtune started with providing repair services for storage peripherals sold in India by USA manufactures as their authorized third party repair centers eliminating the need to re-export at prohibitive high cost for repairs. Their customers were the large Indian computer manufacturer and SIs who depended on imported data storage peripherals like tape drives and autoloaders/libraries. This helped the company understand storage technologies as they evolved and they decided to remain vendor neutral to be able to work closely with the end user rather than with the vendors requirements.
As an example when a large s/w development house had a DR solution in place for its physical servers; and the requirements changed over time, the company wanted the option of bringing up the DR site on Hyper-V though the primary site had physical servers.Fourtune offered a backup/replication solution which also offers P2V as an option.This is just an example of how to leverage technology which required understand both the end user ask as well as features of products offered and the ability to deploy the same.

Archival is slowly beginning to be accepted as a requirement; one immediate advantage is reduced backup windows and reduced usage of secondary storage resources. Cloud based technologies assist in a big way to meet such requirements. In place of expensive on-site hardware and software, Fourtune has offered cloud based email Archival to customers who are industry leaders in Retail and Apparel business. Company also offers file level Archival solutions to Pharma companies who come under FDA audits because their test data continues to grow daily. Since data is subject to audit and grows daily, its expensive to keep this data in the primary tier of storage, hence on-line automated Archival based on policies factoring file type/creation date/ last access time/ last modified date become useful.

With over two decades of experience and the knowledge acquired in the service and repair of storage peripherals, Fourtune has architected and managed data on a day to day basis over the past ten plus years for a large Retail and Fashion corporation’s data protection solutions. Implementing newer technologies to meet requirements with minimal downtime in such a busy environment is a challenge to the services team skills and the ability to project manage.

Fourtune believes that service is single greatest differentiator in this business; there prime focus is to be able to learn on an on-going basis and polish their delivery skills to meet today’s 24x7 expectations of uptime and meet business challenges.